Dutch Nostalgia in Malang

What is Dutch nostalgia in Malang? How did it come?  Dutch nostalgia in Malang is influences of Dutch presence during colonial period since it has been a favorite city for Dutch officials during the colonial time. Due to the cool climate they headed to Malang at weekends or holidays.

Since I had Dutch language and literature as my subject I feel involved with anything that has to do with Dutch or Netherlands in Indonesia. Either it is an Indonesian word that is originally from Dutch or vice versa, a building with Dutch architecture or any story about Holland (people) in Malang. Dutch nostalgia brings me back to the colonial time.

A real Dutch influence in Malang is Jalan Ijen that was a high class residential area for Dutch high ranked officials. Several of the houses are still the same but sad to say that many of them have been renovated to modern style. But ok, it’s another story.

Here I take you back to the Malang old time. You can feel the Dutch nostalgia through old pictures of places, nature and events in Malang. Of course there has been changed a lot because the population increased, the road and streets became narrow, more houses and more buildings were build, etc.

Enjoy the nostalgia journey! Here are they....

This photos album was to commemorate the visit of General Governor Fock to Malang on September 11th- 13th 1922. 

Jan Pieters Zoon Coen park in 1935
This park is known now as Tugu area. Around this park are City Hall, Splendid Inn hotel and Tugu Hotel.

Frateran school in Malang in 1929
This school still looks the same now. This is one of less old buildings that still keeps the Dutch architect.

The shops area of Kajoetangan in Malang

Area of Kajoetangan-Semeru in Malang in 1935

Intersection of Kayutangan in Malang
Now it is called Jalan Basuki Rahmat.

The bank of Java in 1922

A traditional market in Malang

Banana vendor at a traditional market in Malang

A traditional market in Malang
This is Oro Oro Dowo market, known as expensive traditional market.

Tram track in Celakat, Malang

A school in Celakat, Malang in 1935

Tram track in Celakat, Malang

A traditional market in Malang

Post road

Viaduct over rail road

Brantas river in Malang

Protestant church at Alun-alun in Malang

Brantas river in Malang

Coffee transport Dutch meen and women (1898-1923)

Coffee transport in Malang 1900-1940. This photo is published by Malangsche Machinehandel Driessen & Holman. It shows an old-fashioned (on your back)and new way (automaticated means) of coffee transport.

Dutch men and women (1898-1923)

Coffee transport Oxcarts

Test station of East- and Central Java where especially rubber and coffee were researched.


Coffee transport Dutch men and women (1898-1923)

City tram at Alun-alun in 1930

A bridge over Brantas river

Sugar factory Society building in Malang

Sugar factory in Krebet, Malang

Society building Concordia in Malang

Coffee transport Dutch meen and women (1898-1923)

Waterfall at Kendong Kandang (1860-1880)

Unknown waterfall inMalang (1860-1880)

Maybe it sounds weird but just looking these pictures gives me a special feeling, a kind of homesick feeling. At that time I am not born yet, even my parents haven’t met each other yet. Sometimes the feeling is so strong that I long to it,. No…I don’t miss the colonialism. I’m happy it’s over but it’s about the impression I get from the pictures. I saw calmness, cleanness and order. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if Malang could have it more now.

At that time Malang had city tram. I wonder why it is disappeared. Because it was not suitable anymore to Malang or it was destroyed because it was a colonizer "product"?

The pictures also give me a nice feeling to see the places I know for years since I am now at a place more than 7,000 miles away from Malang. Nostalgia makes me good.

Thanks to Tropen Museum for the photo’s and explanation.

Here below you see a video containing photo’s of old buildings that also have Dutch architect accent. The photos are taken recently but some are put on sepia colour. As you see many of them are not maintained well. However the quality is often better than new buildings.

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