How to find rent houses in Malang is one of the most questions I got from my website readers. I do understand it and I have experienced it as well. Especially if you come from far away, outside Indonesia.

Based on information I got and what I have done to find a rent house in Malang, I can share to you the following.

Here are 5 ways of finding rent houses.

  1. Go to Property Agents in Malang. The known ones are Ray White, ERA, and Inmax.
  2. Ask friends or people from the hotel/guest house where you stay. They might know people or relatives who rent a house or who can help you.
  3. Go around the city or to the area you want to stay in Malang. Look at the sign in front of the house "FOR RENT" or "DISEWAKAN/DIKONTRAKKAN" (in Indonesian) and telephone number/contact person. So you can contact them directly.
  4. The most common way… Go online and ask Search Engine.
  5. Contact Erna Santoso.

These are possible and usual ways. But if you are new to this city, don’t speak the language or just a little bit, don’t know anyone there, the ways 1-4 are less or not suitable for you. Then the way of number 5 is the best option.

For a while I have asked a good friend of mine, Dina, to help you with this matter. But unfortunately she doesn't have time due to her job and other activities. 

But, don't worry, Erna Santoso is here :). You can call her Erna. She is originally from Surabaya but grew up and lives for many years in Malang. I know her for years and we have done lots of activities en projects together. She is a nice person to work with, she works hard and has useful idea's.

The benefits by using her service are:

  • Save time. You can contact her before you go to Malang.
  • Avoid misunderstanding. She speaks English, Indonesian and Chinese. She knows the contract of a rent house. Of course you can modify it if needed.
  • You know who you contact.  

It would be easier if you know what kind of house you want. Think about how many bedrooms, the area (near to the city, quite area, housing complex, etc), and the budget. It is usual to bargain the rent price a bit.

To reach Erna, send her an email...

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