To Keep You Active in Malang

Malang activities? Some friends who don't live in and never been to Malang, said once to me, "Ah, there must be just a few simple activities because Malang is not big."

Maybe these things come in your mind; City tour, having lunch and dinner in different restaurants and watching traditional dances. If so, you’re right! You can do those activities in Malang. But I will tell you…. There is more than that.

I will not limit the activities that you can do just in Malang but also around Malang.

Here are activities you do in Malang. Most of them are parts of Javanese culture.

  • Make your own ceramic
  • Make your own batik
  • Make your own kuda lumping
    Kuda lumping is a horse made of plaited bamboo. It is used for a known-traditional-dance. But don't just make it, watch the dance as well.
  • Watching dances performance
  • Taman Dayu
    Taman Dayu is a place with different activities. It has a nice water park where you can have fun of it. There are also tree houses of about 4-5 meters high from the ground, camping ground, jungle track. All are in mountain area. And last but not least a beautiful golf course designed by golf's living legend Jack Nicklaus.
  • City tour

And these ones are activities you do around Malang.

  • Wild Water Rafting
    This is one of my favorite Malang activities. You must have a whole day for this activity but it is for sure worth it. There are 2 places for wild water rafting; in Probolinggo and Kesambon. This is a must-do Malang activity.
  • Mount Bromo
    The beauty of Mount Bromo is known in the world. Every day many tourists come to Bromo to see the maybe-most-beautiful-sunset in the world. Not just the sunset is awesome but the whole view from the top and the surrounding is also breathtaking. So never ever forget your camera if you do this Malang activity.
  • Tea plantation
    Pamper your eyes with the green of tea plantation and its surrounding. You can also see the process of making tea from the leaf till it is ready to use. It is up in the mountain and if you want, you can stay overnight. There is a hotel in the middle of the plantation. I think you’d sleep very well there with such cool temperature.
  • Jatim Park I
    This is not just an attraction park but also a learning-center-park. It is about 40 minutes from Malang with a car. It is better to have a whole day to visit this park so you can enjoy it not in a hurry. This is one of fun Malang activities for the whole family.
  • Jatim Park II
    Another fun Malang activitiy for the whole family. It is also called Secret Zoo and it is not just a zoo. Found it out why.
  • Batu Night Spectacular (BNS)
    This is an attraction park in Batu. Opens from 15.00-24.00.
  • Cangar
    In Cangar you can find the hot water spring, waterfalls and Japan cave. On the way to those places you will see beautiful scenes of the mountain area. It makes you want to stop and take pictures of the view.
  • Japan cave
    From the name we know that the Japan soldiers have used it. But when? What for? What happened there? Has somebody found his death there? Find out the answers here.
  • Taman Safari Indonesia II
    Located at Prigen district, this is a educational and recreational park. Here we'll experience a contrary way of watching animals in a zoo. The animals are here in open area and we in a closed one (our car).
    Use the chance to have picture with young animals like orang utan, tiger and lion. There are also enough games and attractions for younger visitors.
  • Kebun Raya Purwodadi / Botanical Garden Purwodadi
    Built in 1941, this botanical garden was a place for plants research. It is located along the street Surabaya-Malang, so easy to get. Now it is also a place for recreation. Enjoy the open space and greenery.

See... Malang activities are not just "simple" things but also fun and useful. With these activities how long do you think you should stay in Malang? You decide it. The choice is all yours :).

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