Jatim Park I is one of favorite tourism places in Batu. Jatim is abbreviation of Jawa Timur means East Java.

A park with many things to offer:

  • Learning area (Science, math, physics, chemistry, biology, etc)
  • Indonesian ethnic area (houses and clothes of all Indonesian ethnics)
  • Zoo (mammals area, reptile, bird park, fish park, baby zoo and museum of fossil)
  • Water park

  • Attractions for children and adults

Jatim Park I is a one whole day park because there is enough to see and to do.

When my sister and her daughter from Canada visited us, we brought them to Jatim Park I. We were sure that they would like it.

Pelangi and Anugerah have been to this park for several times. They told and showed their niece, Kencana, everything what they would see and do. Here are they at music house.

Although we (my children and I) have been here many times, it was our first time to enter the bird park. We saw beautiful birds with different colors. It was here never crowded so you would think that it was not interesting but I was glad that we entered this bird park. Just be careful of bird dropping because there is a path which above is a bird coop.

We entered a room where big beautiful birds were there. But there was no one. Then we saw a man was working in another room. Apparently he took care of babies’ bird and sick birds. They are so tiny. He gave them food and drink one by one like a nurse to patients in a hospital. To our surprise he said that we could take pictures with the big birds.

We felt uncertain to take the bird and put in our arm or shoulder but the man helped us. Here are our pictures with those beautiful birds.

Then we went to the fish park. There is a pond in the middle of the building where small sharks and turtles swim. You can try to touch them but be careful. Once a turtle has bitten a finger of a child. Just touch their back and not their head.

The most interesting fish for me there is Pirarucu. It is a very big fish from Amazon river. I think the length is more than 2,5 meters. The color is black and because of their heavy body, they swim slowly. It makes them just more mysterious. As if they were thinking what they would do suddenly. There are two pirarucu's.

I remembered when we, my children and I, were there on the weekday. It was almost closing time but Anugerah was crazy about fish, so we went inside Fish Park again. There were just three of us, no other visitors.

Then we went to Pirarucu. Like usual they swam so slowly and calmly. Pelangi was a bit afraid to see them but I liked watching them. She just stood behind me but still was looking at them. Suddenly one of them made a big move that the water splashed. Pelangi and I jumped up and Anugerah must laugh hard to see us, me too but Pelangi cried. After that she didn’t want to see Pirarucu anymore.

Not just Anugerah has laughed at us, Pelangi and I have laughed at him as well. At that time he stood in front of a big aquarium of another big fish but this fish didn’t look scary. We said something to him and because we stood behind him, he looked to us. When he looked back to the aquarium, the fish was swimming toward him. He scared and jumped up. Later he could laugh as well.

After the long journey of the park we reached the water park. Pelangi, Anugerah and Kencana couldn’t wait to swim after lunch. They were already in the pool when we were ordering the food.

You are not allowed to bring food inside the park but some snack and water is no problem. Of course there are enough restaurants inside.

Here are the entry fees.

Monday-Sunday IDR 50,000. For combined Jatim Park I and II it costs IDR 80,000.

For more info and pictures about Jatim Park you can visit their website.

That was our nice one-day going out to Jatim Park I. A visit you should do.

Cheers from Jatim Park I......


New price of Entree tickets. Monday-Thursday Rp 50,000

Friday-Sunday and holiday Rp 65,000.

Opening time 08.30-16.30

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