How to go to Malang

Options of Transportation to Malang

How do you go to Malang? There are 3 ways you can choose; by air, land or combination of the first two.


You can fly directly to Malang. The airport of Malang is called Abdul Rachman Saleh. It refers to an Indonesian hero who had fought for Indonesian independence. The old airport belongs to Indonesian Air Forced and since a couple of months there is a new building of the airport that is used for commercial aim.

There are 4 airline companies that operate in Abdurrahman Saleh airport. They are Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air, Batavia Air and Lion Air. The following is their schedule. The flight Jakarta-Malang takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Flights from Jakarta to Malang

Airline Departure Arrival
Garuda Indonesia 08.40 10.00
11.20 12.45
Sriwijaya Air 06.40 08.00
10.30 11.50
12.30 13.55
Batavia Air 09.45 11.15

Flights from Malang to Jakarta

Airline Company Departure Arrival
Garuda Indonesia 10.55 12.15
13.35 15.55
Sriwijaya Air 08.35 09.55
12.25 13.45
14.25 14.45
Batavia Air 11.50 13.20

Flight from Den Pasar (Bali) to Malang

Remember that there is time difference between Bali and Malang. Bali is 1 hour earlier (ahead) than Malang.

Airline Company Departure Arrival
Lion Air 13.50 14.00

Flight from Malang to Den Pasar (Bali)

Airline Company Departure Arrival
Lion Air 14.25 16.30

For more information you can contact the office of the airlines.

    Hotel Kartika Graha,
    Jl. Jaksa Agung Soeprapto No. 17
    Phone : (62-341) 369 494
    Fax : (62-341) 369 656
    Jl. Letjend. S. Parman
    Kav 2 no. 59
    Telp. (62-341) 471 777
    Fax. (62-341) 412 777
    Jl. Panglima Sudirman
    blok C-1 Kav 6
    Malang - Jawa Timur
    Telp. (62-341) 325 889
    Fax. (62-341) 326 074
    Bandara Abdul Rachman Saleh
    Kompleks Ruko Sarangan
    Jalan Sarangan no. 1 B
    Telp. (62-341) 400 681
    Fax. (62-341) 400 680

If there's no one to pick you up from the airport, you can take an airport taxi. They tell you the price to your destination and you pay it in advance.


There are two options if you want to go to Malang by land. Take a bus or train. How long it takes of course depends on how far is the place from Malang.


My sister and her son have taken this way of going to Malang. They have done a bus trip to Malang from Jakarta. It is a long trip because Jakarta is at the other end of Java island. They departed from Jakarta at 3 pm and arrived in Malang at 11 am the next day. So it took around 21 hours. Wauw!

It costs much cheaper than an air plane or even a train ticket. At that time (2012) they paid IDR 240,000 per person including 1 voucher for dinner. You can see other cities they passed and the view better. Here is the inside of the bus they took.

Inside a bus Jakarta-Malang

There are just four seats in a row so you have more space for the aisle. My sister said that they could sleep well in the bus and through its big windows they enjoy the green rice field and other beautiful views along the trip.


Another option if you go to Malang is by train (in Indonesian it is called kereta api). There are 2 kinds of train from Jakarta to Malang. They call it Business and Executive class. The Business stops in every small station they pass. So I recommend you to take The Executive.

Here is the schedule of train between Malang and some big cities in Java.

Name of the train From Departure Destination Arrival
Gajayana Jakarta 17.30 Malang 08.59
Gajayana Malang 13.45 Jakarta 04.49
Malabar Ekspres Bandung 15.30 Malang 08.11
Malabar Ekspres Malang 15.30 Bandung 08.37
Molek* Jogjakarta 21.00 Malang 04.00
Molek* Malang 08.30 Jogjakarta 16.19

For train schedules of other places you can go to the train station. Note that the prices of the tickets can be changed during holidays.

* Molek is an abbreviation of Malioboro Ekspres. This train just operates on September 21, 2012. There are 2 classes. The Economic one costs Rp 125,000 and the Executive is Rp 175,000.

For more information here is the address of the Train Station in Malang.
Stasiun Kota Baru
Jalan Trunojoyo no.10
Telephone : 0341-362208

Actually there is still another option if you go to Malang by land. It is going with your own/rent car. You can decide by yourself when, where, how long and how often you want to stop.


What I mean by this option is that you can fly to Surabaya. There are more airline companies fly to Surabaya. Then take a taxi to Malang. The trip between Surabaya-Malang will take about 1,5 to 2 hours.

It depends on the situation in Porong where a mud lake is appeared caused by human error. It causes often traffic jam.

From Surabaya you can take taxi or rent a car and share with other passengers. It also can happen that you are the only passenger. Indonesian call this kind of taxi, travel. The price can be different between the travels (IDR 60,000-75,000). You pay less than USD 10.00 for the trip from the airport in Surabaya to right in front of the door of your destination in Malang.

Here are some of those travels. It’s wise if you ask the price first.

  • Travel Kirana, telephone : 0341-557755
  • Travel Bougenville, telephone : 0341-721888
  • Travel Cakra Awani, telephone : 0341-802839

There are enough options of transportation to go to Malang. I hope this will help you to decide how you go to Malang. Whatever the option you take, enjoy the trip!

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