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This nice Malang house for sale is located in a well maintained housing complex in Malang. The complex is surrounded by mountains so the air is clean, there is lots of open spaces and the streets are wide.

The house is made from good quality material, has a high ceiling of 4,5 meters so it is always cool in house and it gets enough light from outside. It is made adjusted to the tropic climate.

It is not just a house. It is built with love. Here is the story from the owner.

Since we were married, we moved every two years. I don’t know why but it seems it was the step we had to go through. Within 15 years we had moved to 8 different houses, 2 of them were our own, one in Holland (it has been sold) and another one is where I and my two kids are living now, in Malang, Indonesia.

I remember when my husband asked for my opinion if we could buy a house in Malang although we were not sure we would stay there for a long time. He said, it’s better than renting a house because no matter what you do with the rented house, it will never be yours. I agreed.

So that was the topic of the day for a year. We started to visit housing complex, compare developers, ask prices, quality of the materials, etc. A ready house is easy to find and gives much less headache but often you are not satisfied with the lay-out and the quality of the materials, etc. Finally we decided to buy the lot and build the house instead of buying a ready one.

From some big housing complexes we were interested in Villa Puncak Tidar. A nice area, wide streets and still has lots of open spaces. The gardens and streets are well taken care of. They also have 24 hour-security that keeps your privacy.

We bought the lot not on the main street so it’s quiet. It is at the end of the street and next to it is a vacant lot used as someone’s garden whose house is not too far from it, so the possibility to have a new development in that lot is slim. The lot on the back side of our house is owned by a catholic church. They have a boarding house for nuns and a big nice garden often used as a retreat spot.

Then we had to find an architect to design the house and a contractor to build it. After asking some people and friends we finally managed to find one contractor who is well-known in Malang. We have visited some houses he had built and we were pleased to see them. The other good news was he also designed houses.

We then made an appointment to meet and discuss and tell him what kind of house we love to have. We really clicked. Being a Dutch and loving the heritage, my husband, likes the type of an old Dutch house. Maybe he wanted to feel the way Jan Pieter Zoon Coen lived in Dutch Indie.

I don’t have any objection with the style of old Dutch house. In Malang there are still many houses like that and they are indeed beautiful. They built the houses adjusted to the climate for sure. Since Indonesia is a tropical place, most of those houses have high ceiling and many windows to let the air circulate well and you feel cool inside the house while the outside is hot.

We talked about the lay out. We wanted a simple one, open, good air circulation and have enough light. We wanted just 3 bedrooms and 1 room for a helper.

When we saw the drawing the builder made, we just fell in love with it at once. Yes, we loved it. We had some months before we began to build. It gave us a good time to arrange our budget to go to this house.

It was just a plain land and didn’t change except the grass which grew higher, but my husband liked to spend his time there every day. Mostly after dinner we visited the area and took a walk around. We already had a “we-belong-here” feeling.

When they started to build, we still went there every day, the building looked nicer and nicer since we saw the changes every time we came. It became clearer and clearer. We told the kids where their sleeping rooms would be and the bathroom, kitchen, garage, etc. We also took some pictures of them.

It took one year to build this house. In July 2007, few days before our son’s 6th birthday, we moved to the house. There were still works to do but we were able to sleep and cook. It gave a nice feeling to live in your own house. Like a baby which grows into a toddler, we experienced the same thing with this house.

The room has an open lay out concept where dining and sitting room located. It is very big, so big that the kids could play badminton there.

We were satisfied with the contractor. The material is good and strong, you can see it directly. We also have a big garden at the front, at the back and at one side of the house.

In the back yard we made a fishpond with waterfall. Our son is crazy about fish and other water animals but lucky me that a blue whale cannot fit in it. Other than that, we like the sound of the water, it soothes your nerves and emotions, makes you calm and serene.

The side yard has been made into a tropical garden with lots of plants. We have a big terrace and a bale-bale (big bench) where you can lie down on your lazy days and enjoy reading your favorite books or magazine or just take a rest and with the breeze blows tenderly on your face, I bet you’d fall asleep. Even our lovely dog, Browny, loves to get relax there, so relax that he often forgets his role to guard the house instead of taking a nap all day long :)

Sadly to say, in January several years ago my beloved husband passed away. After living for 2 years in this house, he is now in his final home and we, me and the kids, must go on. Our job in this world is not finished yet.

First we thought we’d stay in this house for good as it has full of memories about him. But after a while we feel the house is too big and empty for 3 of us.

To us, it sounds strange. It’s just one person gone and he also traveled abroad so frequently, he wasn’t home most of the time, so logically we are used to it, right? But how come we feel so empty now? That one person is a part of us. When he is gone, a part of our life is also gone. That’s why we feel the emptiness, sometimes we feel as strangers in our own house.

Apart from that, a big house needs maintenance and it costs money. Since I don’t have a stable job to earn the living, I cannot afford it. I don’t even have time to enjoy the terrace as I used to do, so the decision has been made … sell this house.

It is time to move again. I pray that the person who would buy this house or who would live here will love and enjoy this house as much as we do.

My husband and I have thought to give this house a name like other old Dutch houses but we did not have time to do that. We have thought of naming it “Ora et Labora”, but now I think I would call it “Liefde” (means love in Dutch).


This house is sold in 2014.

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