Look and find location of Malang

Here you have Indonesian- and Malang map. Maybe you've never been to Malang but you've heard it once (or often). You just wonder or you want to know exactly where this city is located on earth and also where in Malang the places are located.

Malang is a city in Indonesia that is located on Java island and belongs to East Java province. Malang is the second large city in this province after Surabaya. In Indonesian Map here below you can see where it is.

Malang is located in a mountainous area, which is 440 to 667 meters above the sea level. It is between 112 degree 57° East Longitude and 7.06 degree-8.02 degree South Longitude.

Malang is surounded by mountains. They are:

  • Arjuna mountain in the north
  • Tengger mountain in the east
  • Kawi mountain in the west
  • Kelud mountain in the south

This Malang map will show you where Malang is. Feel free to zoom out and in, move left, right, up and down by using the arrow at the left side of the map. Find places I wrote in my website here, including places in Batu. I have marked some places and you can click it to see which places they are.

Malang is a small city that is growing. New hotels, guest houses, shops, restaurants and cafe's are coming. More facilities for the people and newcomers. you know much better where Malang is. You just need to feel how Malang is. How? By visiting this city.

But there is another location of Malang.
If you ask me where Malang is. The answer is "Malang is hier,

, in my heart".

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