The Flowers market in Malang is located on jalan Brawijaya. You can find people selling plants or flowers in different places in Malang but this is the center. You can park your car along this street or inside the flower market.

inside flowers market Malang

In Indonesian they call it Pasar Bunga (pasar means market and bunga means flower)

the board of flowers market in Malang

Grass, outdoor and indoor plants, trees and water plants are available here. In Indonesia they don’t use grass seed. Instead they plant grass directly spreading on your yard. Within two weeks it will cover the whole area, depending on how much grass you use.

Most plants and flowers here come from Batu, a place about 30 minutes from Malang. The price there is less but if you just need some plants why should you go far? It would be worth to go to Batu and buy them there if you need to plant your whole big garden. Think also about a vehicle you need to transport your purchasing from Batu to your house.

Here you can also order plants or flowers you want. They will find it for you. I did it once. I really wanted plant with beautiful flowers but I was not sure about the name. So I took a picture of it and showed to a vendor there. At that time they didn’t have it so they had to find it. Later.... Yes! They got it for me.

flowers at flowers market

flowers in flowers market malang

plants at flowers market blue water lelie

With an extra payment they can bring your purchasing to your house.

Another good thing is that you can bargain here. Try first to bargain with half of the price. You can also combine the price with home delivery service.

Beside plants and trees there are also shops for flowerpot, fertilizer and gardening utensils. You can ask them to put the plant in the flowerpot. Then you just put it in a place you want in your home.

Anugerah at flower market Malang

This market is everyday open from 08-00 untill 17.00.

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