From fish to gecko, from rabbit to bats

In this animal market I have seen a bat face to face. There was just a distance of 10 centimeters between us :) If you like animals you should come to this this animal market or local people often call it Pasar Burung or Birds market.

If you like animals you should come to this this animal market or local people often call it Pasar Burung (Birds market).

You can find many kinds of animals here from fish, birds, rabbits to gecko's, monkeys even bats.

This market is located in Jalan Brawijaya, next to the Flowers market. Along a street in this market on both sides you see birds, rabbits, cats, hamsters and sometimes dogs for sale. Then further you'll see owls, gecko's, bats and monkey's. Too bad they are placed in too small cages.

The begin at Animal Market in Malang

The street at Pasar Burung in Malang

At the end of the street you can turn left and go downwards to see fish and turtles. If you go further the path you can see reptiles like gila monsters and snakes.

Path to fish vendor in Malang

Path to fish vendor

Mostly I come here to buy fish and then I often come home with more fish than I planned to buy. And more if my son also goes with me. There are so many beautiful and interesting fish with different colors. I wish I had a big aquarium so I could enjoy watching them everyday.

orange fish white fish
white fish white fish

But because there are other animals for sell I always take a look at them as well. Here are some animals I saw when I was there.


Bird Blue Bird
Birds Parrot
3 birds Black Rooster


hamsters Hedgehog
weasel Bats


orange fish white fish
small turtles Turtles
small turtles

The animals you see in this market are not always available every day. Once I went there I didn't see any bats and hedgehogs. Then when I went there again I didn't see any monkeys.

It is an interesting place to see. Even though it is not a tourist attraction, in this place you'll also see how Malang people do their daily activity that is a part of Malangs life.

Besides, in a zoo, you cannot see the animals closely. Here I have seen a bat so close. It didn't look good - while my son finds it cute -, but its wings with the beauty black color are cool.

Bat close up

Up side down bat


with its cool black wings..

Out of curiosity I have asked prices of some animals. Here's what I get.

  • Gecko IDR 20,000.00
  • Parrot IDR 1,200,000.00
  • other birds IDR 400,000.00 - IDR 500,000.00
  • Hamster IDR 10,000.00
  • Hedgehog IDR 450,000.00
  • Bat IDR 450,000.00

Like in most market in Indonesia (except supermarket) here you can bargain as well.

In this animal market you can also get different items for your pet like cages, bird/fish food, aquarium, and its accessories.

Some things you should notice; as the place of reptiles is inside, there's a little of ventilation, it can be smelly. Also note that birds feathers can be flown away easily especially if it is windy.

This Pasar Burung started in this location in 1997 when it is moved from its old place in Comboran. Comboran is now a place for second hands items for sale. Animal Market opens from 07.00 until 16.30.

So if you'd like to have a special pet, this is a place for you to visit.

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