Coban Rondo waterfall is located in the middle of the forest in a mountain in Batu. It belongs to Pandesari village, Pujon district and it takes about 50 minutes driving to the west from Malang. The road to get there is not wide and has many curves. The first time I went there, I needed to ask people for directions because it was difficult to turn back if I had passed the turn. Luckily we were on the right track.

Finally we saw the cow statue on the left side (if you come from Malang). Here you have to turn left. Leaving the main street we entered a smaller road with less curves. First, we drove along the houses on both sides of the road and then we just saw trees. We were in the forest. The scenery is awesome. Suddenly we reached an open area which was the parking area.

Path to Coban Rondo waterfal

Then from a distance, you would hear the sound of the waterfall. The farther you walk in, the clearer it will be. Within minutes, you would see the waterfall. Its height is 84 m according to the given information there.

Coban Rondo Waterfal

I have seen lots of waterfalls on television, in magazines, and in photos. But once you stand in front of a real one, especially when there are not many visitors, you can't stop from looking at it. You get hypnotized by its beauty, the splash, and the sound. You can't help but to feel one with nature.

You can go to the pool under the waterfall. The water is refreshing. The temperature is about 22 degrees Celsius and with a breeze it can be colder.

Pelangi and her friends took this challenge.

Entering the pool of Coban Rondo Waterfal

…or you can play in a small river there like Anugerah and his friend did.

Anugerah plays in water of Coban Rondo waterfall

Do you know that this waterfall has a legend? Here's the story….

Once upon a time there was a couple who just got married, Prince Raden Baron Kusuma and Princess Dewi Anjarwati. On their way to visit the prince’s parents, a man named Joko Lelono held them up.

He fell in love with the princess and wanted to take her. The fight couldn’t be avoided so the prince commanded his guards to take the princess to a place where the waterfall was.

The princess waited for the prince at the waterfall but unfortunately both men died during the fight so the princess became a widow.

In Javanese widow is called rondo and waterfall is coban. It was then that waterfall was named Coban Rondo.

It was said that one of the big rocks there was the princess’ sitting place. You can sit on it and imagine how the princess felt during the long wait for her beloved husband to come.

It was not a happy-ending love story for sure. But… you don’t have to leave this place with sad feeling. On the contrary…

I did sit there but didn’t imagine anything. I just closed my eyes and listened to the voice of nature; the waterfall, the sound of the wind between trees and people’s voice. The calmness covered me and I felt so happy, so nice, so good. I often come back here. It’s never boring.

Here is a picture of the big rock where the princess sat with my princess and my mother sitting on it.

The best time to go to Coban Rondo waterfall is on weekdays in the morning, so you could have more time to enjoy it. On the weekends it is very crowded but if you still want to go on the weekend, choose Saturday because it is not a holiday for Indonesian schools.

After you feel the cold breeze of the waterfall you can get the warmth of drink and food in the parking area. You’ll find lots of food and souvenirs vendors. You have to try the grilled corn. It is pretty tasty.

Grilled corn vendor at Coban Rondo

Grilled corn at Coban Rondo waterfall

Bathrooms and changing rooms are available with the cold and clean water from the mountain. So don’t forget your change of clothes but more importantly, don’t forget your camera!

Have fun at Coban Rondo Waterfall in Batu and try to catch the water without getting wet like Pelangi did here.

Pelangi catching water Coban Rond

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